Friday, August 30, 2013

Marco Products

Does anyone use Marco products?  I do!  I like the groups on the go book. Every year at our elementary inservice they have a booth!  I saw lots books that I already had a few new things that I want to put on my wish list!

Here is a picture of some of the elementary counselors 
There website is...

New School...New Office

I was very excited to start at my new school in FCPS at Poplar Tree.  I had lots and lots of my own boxes in addition to lots of goodies from the retiring school counselors.

Here are some pictures of the before and after!  Still have some wall hanging to get up!


Putting things away!

After Organization:  Final pictures later after everything is up on the walls & chalk board completed. 

This was completely packed, did a bunch of organizing and moving things around to make space for some of my stuff.

Still a work in progress!

One of my Target goodies from the $1.00 section. 

Where is Mrs. MacWhorter? On my door.  Pinterest inspired!