Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google doc: Student Check in on iPad

Saw a few different tutorials on creating a student check in survey on the iPad. I decided one night after I put Brooks to bed that I would try it out. I am very lucky that next year at my new elementary school that I will have access to my own iPad.  I have be pinning lots of ideas on how to use the iPad in my school counseling program.   I know that I could get buy in from the kids, as I know they think the iPad is a cool tool to use.  

When I created my student check-in survey, I was looking at this elementary school counselor webpage.  Check out her tutorial on this webpage. Http://


I created a google account for google docs.  This summer it has been my goal to try to learn and use google docs, so I can share some of my word documents and lesson plans on my blog.  

Here is my survey that I created on Google Docs.  so proud and would not have been able to create it without the help of YouTube & Pinterest!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Target Goodies

So excited that Brooks and I found new things in the dollar section at Target. Check out all these goodies that I got just for $1.00 each!  I could have bought more, but since I am starting at a new school, I am worried at being in a smaller room and not having enough wall space, with all my other posters & wall decorations. 

Poster 1 of 3

Cute Owl Poster 1 of 3

Poster 2 of 3

For Mrs. Elementary School Counselor
I am always breaking these to hold my badge. 

Thanks Tagert for all the goodies!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Creativity in the summer?

I know I am on summer vacation and have lots of opportunity to try to be creative, but honestly my mind and energy have been totally spent on my almost 2 year old son Brooks. I enjoy spending every minute with him, but am also very glad when nap times comes, he is one busy boy!

I keep seeing all these great ideas on Pinterest and some from the ASCA conference. My first goal is to learn how to figure out google documents and find an easy way to share word documents on my blog and FB page. Right now that is my biggest issue with blogger. I want to be able to share the actual word document and not just a iPhone picture capturing a word document. My goal for the summer is to at least blog once a week.

A couple pictures from our 1st beach trip of the summer.