Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google doc: Student Check in on iPad

Saw a few different tutorials on creating a student check in survey on the iPad. I decided one night after I put Brooks to bed that I would try it out. I am very lucky that next year at my new elementary school that I will have access to my own iPad.  I have be pinning lots of ideas on how to use the iPad in my school counseling program.   I know that I could get buy in from the kids, as I know they think the iPad is a cool tool to use.  

When I created my student check-in survey, I was looking at this elementary school counselor webpage.  Check out her tutorial on this webpage. Http://


I created a google account for google docs.  This summer it has been my goal to try to learn and use google docs, so I can share some of my word documents and lesson plans on my blog.  

Here is my survey that I created on Google Docs.  so proud and would not have been able to create it without the help of YouTube & Pinterest!

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