Monday, September 2, 2013

Grocery Store Check Out, Ability Tests?

Happy Labor Day everyone. I went to grab a few last supplies for our Korean BBQ that we are going to this afternoon. We thought it would be fun to bring some authentic Korean sides. We went to Lotte Plaza which is described as a "high quality Asian Market" near our home. Just as we were checking out I saw these and had to take a few pictures. 

I have seen a lot of things at a check out, but never study guide books on how to ace ability standardized tests including the NNAT 2 (non-verbal abilities) & CogAT (which gives scores for verbal, quantitative & nonverbal). These scores are used in our Advance Academics screening process. Advanced Academic Program (AA) use to be called gifted and talented program (GT).  In FCPS all 1st graders take the NNAT 2 and all second graders take the CogAT. 


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