Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kindergarten Parent Coffee

Very last minute my principal asked for me to put together a Kindergarten Parent Coffee for all Kindergarten parents on the first day of school.  We wanted to get the parents have somewhere to go so they were not lingering outside of the Kindergarten classrooms.  I threw together a flyer with the help of another school counselor within my counseling pyramid. 

I was imagining it to be a meet and greet, but even one started having a seat and waiting for an exact presentation.  The parents were all very nice and seem grateful for having a chance to talk to the school counselor, principal, and also able to ask "school related" questions.

Overall it went very well, even though it was throw together last minute.  For next year, I now know what to expect!

Below are some pictures from the morning event as well as pictures of the flyer that I made of the PowerPoint Presentation slides.

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